The first ingredient of stress is lack of control… Novel and uncontrolled situations are extremely stressful. From animal studies we know that these situations can cause severe physical effects. An ongoing illness is very different than one that is over with a hospital stay and recovery.  

Sadness, fear, and anger are normal responses to a chronic illness such as FEVR. It is important to recognize what causes these feelings or responses and communicate these feelings with others in order to effectively cope with them.


Seek emotional support from people who care and can handle your emotional problems.  This may not involve family members since they are hurting too psychotherapy and Antidepressant Drugs can help.  Take time to greave for your loss and then share it with others through songs, writings, talk, drawing/painting (if possible), other art work, etc.  Don’t shut down. Depression comes with loss When is it too much and you need to seek help

Informational supportUnderstand your illness the best you can. Instrumental support involving giving of your time, financial or materialistic assistance like being involved in a clinical study

Technology support A lot of technology is out there to help.  See “Links” on the left.  READ MORE ABOUT TECHNOLOGY

Family and friends support Start by doing as much as you can by your self first to gain independence, confidence and take back some of the control of your life

Other support.Beyond your family and friends, there are organizations in the community that you can call on for help in coping with vision loss.  It is important to note that services may often be located at agencies and organizations wh generally use the word “blind”.  this will not diminish the fact that you may have useable sight. Low Vision SpecialistsBeyond your eye surgeon there are doctors who specialize in helping to maximize the vision you have.  They have special knowledge about low vision works and what technology is out there that you can use.  Ask your doctor about them.

Support Groups Support groups can be helpfull to some and are usually free.  In recent years reserarch has demonstrated that people benefit from peer support networks and others lead by professionals.

Hot LinesHot lines with information and support may be located in your area

TransportationBus and train fares in cities are often lowered for the blind and legally blind.  Also organizations may be available to help mobility of a blind or legally blind person

Financial AssistanceSocial Security Disability income (SSDI) – If you have worked long enough and put into social security you may be able to claim disability income.  In many states redaction of taxes on your house can be obtained.  Also on your taxes if you can claim “legally blind” your taxes may be lowered.  In some states  the phone service will give legally blind and blind persons free access to information/operator calls (411, etc).

Suggested reading material  

How a person responds to pain is determined by many factors, including her or his emotional outlook. For example, depression seems to increase a person’s perception of pain and decreases her or his ability to cope with it. Often, treating the depression treats the pain as well.