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Dr. Michael Trese Information

Works out of the William Beaumont Hospital


Dr. Trese Offices
Primary Office: 632 William Beaumont Med Bldg
3535 West 13 Mile Rd
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Ph: (248) 288-2280
Second Office: 412 Marian Professional Bldg
14555 Levan Road
Livonia, MI 48154  
Ph: (734) 464-2300
Practice Focus:  Retina/Vitreous Surgery
E-mail  (not sure if still active)


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Outstanding Doctor — by whassett (2404 bytes)

To everyone:

When I discovered my daughter had an eye problem we were staying in Paris, France. We went to the American hospital in Paris and after a brief examination the ophthalmologist informed us that she was not sure exactly what our daughter’s problem was but she was certain it was a serious retinal issue. We asked her opinion as to who she would recommend and she told us that the person to see was Dr. Michael Trese from the Detroit, Michigan area. Having spent most of my adult life in Boston, Massachusetts I was very dubious and booked the next flight to Boston to visit Mass Eye and Ear. After extensive begging and interventions from friends we were able to visit Dr. Mykai (and a couple of days later another doctor there, Dr. Hirosi). After taking Isabella into the OR Dr. Mykai told us that she had FEVR in both eyes and had a complete detachment in one (she was 13 months at the time). Suffice it to say that after a few days with Dr. Mykai, including his recommendation that we remove Isabella’s bad eye, I flatly asked him where he would take his daughter under the same circumstances. His immediate reply – Michael Trese of Detroit. We got in the car and drove to Detroit to see Dr. Trese.

The following will read like a paid political announcement but rest assured it comes from a bit of a cynic whose brother is a neurologist and has taken endless abuse concerning modern doctors and the conflict between their role as healers and their personal financial well being. Anyway, Dr. Trese is a truly extraordinary man. His waiting room can feel like a United Nations for pediatric redinal diseases as there are people from all over the world. He works like a dog, yet always manages to fit people in (as when we, literally, called from the car on our way from Boston). He is on the cutting edge in teaching, research and practice (as proven by the fact that he can recruit young doctors to Detroit to join his practice!). He is in constant contact with the drug companies who are doing a great deal of work in the anti-angiogenic field (mostly as it relates to wet macular degeneration).

All of this is a very long winded message to people looking for an excellent doctor or those who may want a second person to visit. His phone number is 248-288-2280 in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Here’s to health.


Bill Hassett