Text Box: RETINOPATHY - Changes in the blood vessels of the eye.  In FEVR extra blood vessels grow, break and shrink dragging the retina.  This can cause a retina detachment or tear.
  • Anterior chamber – the area bounded in front by the cornea and in back by the lens, and filled with aqueous. 

  • Aqueous – a clear, watery solution in the anterior and posterior chambers. 

  • Artery – the vessel supplying blood to the eye. 

  • Canal of Schlemm – the passageway for the aqueous fluid to leave the eye. 

  • Choroid – carries blood vessels and is the inner coat between the sclera and the retina.

  • Ciliary body – is an unseen part of the iris, and these together with the ora serrata form the uveal tract. 

  • Conjunctiva – is a clear membrane covering the white of the eye (sclera). 

  • Cornea – is a clear, transparent portion of the outer coat of the eyeball through which light passes to the lens. 

  • Iris – gives our eyes color and it functions like the aperture on a camera, enlarging in dim light and contracting in bright light. Aperture- the apperture itself is known as the pupil. 

  • Lens – helps to focus light on the retina. 

  • Macula – the small area in the retina that provides our most central, acute vision. 

  • Optic Nerve – conducts visual impulses to the brain from the retina. 

  • Ora serrata and the ciliary body form the uveal tract, an unseen part of the iris. 

  • Posterior Chamber – is the area behind the iris, but in front of the lens, that is filled with aqueous. 

  • Puple – is the opening, or aperture, of the iris. 

  • Rectus Medialis – is one of the six muscles of the eye.

  • Retina the innermost coat of the back of the eye, formed of light-sensitive nerve endings that carry the visual impulse to the      optic nerve. The retina may be compared to the film of a camera. 

  • Sclera the white of the eye. Vein is the vessel that carries blood away from the eye. 

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